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  EL 1000-K Power Window Kit for Flat Glass & Street Rods
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Electric Life EL1000-K

Electric Life EL1000-K

The EL1000-K  Flat Glass conversion kit is designed to be installed into Classics and Street Rods with flat door glass. This kit allows power windows to be installed in most vehicles from the 30's 40's and 50's.   The EL1000-K is the newest addition to the Electric Life line of flat glass power window kits.  This kit puts 21st century power window technology into your street rod today!

Left Photo: The EL1000-K comes with a glass channel and slides.  The glass channel is mounted to the bottom of the glass with adhesive or a rubber welt (blue arrows).  The slides on the regulator allow left and right movement between glass and regulator which vertical alignment less critical.   The 24 inch wide sashes provided in the kit provide support to even large windows and can be cut to fit smaller windows.

Middle Photo:
Back view of regulator mounting bracket (top of photo) and roller assembly/carrage assembly.  If less than the nominal 1 1/2 inch door to glass width is not available, the mounting bracket can be flattened allowing mounting in as little as 1 inch of space.  Alternately, the brackets can be shimmed up for use in doors where the glass is over 1 1/2 inches from the inner door.  Rollers can be tilted slightly back or forward to compenstate for regulator mounted at a slight angle.

Right Photo: The motor on the EL1000, including the mounting brackets and regulator transmission is 1 7/8 inches thick.  The compact high torque motor is capable of generating more than 45 pounds of lift.  Note that the hard plastic tube between the motor and regulator and the longer tube extending from the motor house the regulator goldie cable.  The tube has a limited amount of flexability.

Bottom Photo:  Dimensions on the EL1000-K.  Note that nominal height is 25 inches and nominal width is 16 inches.  The maximum usable regulator travel is 19 inches.  The vertical regulator channel can be cut to fit in smaller doors.  
Dimensions of EL1000-K


The EL1000-K  can be matched with any of our switch kits for personalized styling.

Want to see an actual installation of a flat glass kit?

Check out this installation in a 1955 Chevy 210 Sedan.

Check out this installation in a 1959 Volvo.

These installations were done with the EL02-K and EL12-K flat glass power window kits.
The EL1000-K is an updated version of these kits.  The general install procedures are similar.

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