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Essex AKE-5 Keypad Keyless Entry

Essex AKE-5 Keypad Keyless Entry
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: AKE-5
    Price: $169.95
    Shipping Weight: 1.50 pounds
    Drill Guide Option:
    DG02 Aluminum Drill Guide - $24.95
    DG02 Aluminum Drill Guide - $24.95
    Paper Drill Template - $0.00
    Remote Keyless Entry Option:
    Remote Controlled Keyless Entry Add On - $59.95
    No Remote Control - $0.00
    Essex Keypad Keyless Entry System. This system can be used to operate factory installed door locks or one of our MES power door lock kits. The keypad allows keyless entry to a vehicle by entering a 3 to 8 digit code. Unit can also open the trunk (if equipped with electric release) and can turn on the dome lights before entering vehicle. The door lock interface and optional outputs may require additional relays for operation, depending on vehicle make and model. Note that a 5 inch by 1 inch flat surface is necessary to mount unit. Comes with paper template for drilling holes. The optional aluminum drill guide is recommended and makes it easy to accurately locate and drill the holes to mount the unit onto the door. The AKE-5 comes with blue backlighting on the buttons. This unit interfaces with our MES door lock systems without the addition of any relays or extra components.

    Note: Installation on some late model vehicles may require body computer interface (especially GM models). Some newer vehicles made by Nissan, Infinity, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen may require a double pulse generator for unlock (order DP452T from list below). Most late model Chrysler vehicles need relays and resistors (451M) to interface the body computer. Ask your installer or email us if you require assistance in determining if a module is needed. Advanced auto electrical skills are necessary for interface with vehicle computer systems.

    There is the option to add remote controlled keyless entry to the system. The Avital 2101 remote controlled keyless entry is made by Directed Electronics, the leader in auto security products. It comes with 2 remote controls and will allow you to open your vehicle with either the keypad or by remote control for the ultimate in convenience. The Avital 2101 also adds the convenience of ignition controlled door locks. Please note that aftermarket security systems cannot be interfaced with the keypad keyless entry.

    We carry serveral interface modules which are listed on our Installation Accessories page. Click here to see KE1601 module with horizontal and vertical overlays.

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