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  Installing a Street Rod Power Window Kit in a 1959 Volvo
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Installing an Electric Life EL12-K Street Rod 
Power Window Kit in a 1959 Volvo.

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The wiring is passed through the kick panel cavities and under the dash.  Both the left and right looms need to meet under the dash on the drivers side.  The wire looms are tie strapped up under the dash so that they will not dangle or get caught in moving objects. Caution must be used so that the wiring will avoid moving components such as the gas pedal, brake pedal and heater controls.  The motor wires from the wire loom are connected to the motor leads.

We used an accessory power relay in this installation (part number "relay1" seen in the bottom left photo).  The vehicles existing wiring was marginal to begin with, and power windows was definitely not in Volvo's original plans.  The relay will allow us to have a clean power source for our power window kit.  The fuse holder from the relay kit is connected to the positive battery terminal (see arrow on bottom right photo).  The 12 gauge wire supplied with the kit is run through the firewall, cut to length and connected to the fuse holder wire.  The pink wire on the relay is connected to an ignition power wire near the ignition switch.  This wire is used to trigger our relay.  The black wire is connected to chassis ground.

The red, purple and gray wires are connected together color to color.  The red output wire from the relay is also connected in with the 2 reds from the switch wiring.  Our relay and wiring will also be tied up once all of the connections are made.



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