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Pop Door Kits for Shaved Door Handles

Shaving the door handles off your car or truck?

To complement that clean look, we carry several kits to get you
into your vehicle with style.

Pop Door Kits for Shaved Door Handles
  • Heavy duty 60 lb. solenoids
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Cables and cable clamps
  • Works with most latches


Pop Doors with remote controlled keyless entry
  • Remote controlled pop door operation
  • Separate button for each door.  2 & 4 door options.
  • 5  button remote controls
  • External relay pack with heavy duty wiring, for maximum power output.
  • 5 Channel keyless entry can be used for up to 4 doors and a trunk.


Note on Solenoids:

60 pound solenoids have enough power to pull 99% of the door latches out there when installed properly.  How often have you had to apply 60 pounds of force to your door handles?

pop door kit with keyless entry


Pop door kit wwith remote controlled keyless entry

POP-R2........2 door kit with door pop solenoids and remote controlled entry
POP-R4........4 door kit with door pop solenoids and remote controlled entry
DP-01........Single heavy duty solenoid
POP-2P..............Stainless steel poppers
99500-2..............Door thrusters (easy mount, replaces poppers)


Solenoid  Specifications for kits shown above:

Pull Length:   

   5/8 inches

Solenoid Body Diameter:   

   2 inches

Plunger Length:   

   1 3/8 inches

Solenoid Body Length:   

   3 7/8 inches

Total Length:   

   5 inches

Shaved Door Handle Kit

  • 2  40 pound solenoids with up to 1 inch travel.
  • Thinner 1 3/4 diameter body allows easier mounting.  
  • These solenoids have enough power to pull 99% of the door latches out there when installed properly.
  • New!  Control module has built in relays for the solenoids, making wiring connections easier than ever!
  • 2  4 button remote controls
  • 7 channel control module has extra outputs for features like trunk release, rear door solenoids, power window interface, etc.
  • Weather resistant rubber tipped push button.


This kit is designed to be used in a vehicle where the exterior door handles have been shaved off and smoothed over.  It allows electric release by means of remote controls and by an optionally installed push button.  Door poppers are sold separately, if needed.

SHAVED40.....2 Door Shaved Handle Kit

Bear claw latch kit with remote control

Bear Claw Latches

  • Complete door latch assembly
  • Electric Release
  • Cable release
  • Replaces entire latch & striker
  • Shown with remote control option


Bear claw latch kits are designed to completely replace your existing door latches and strikers.  These latches are typically used on older cars and trucks with poorly operating original latches.

94000-REM4.....2 door kit Bear claw latches & remote control
94000.....2 door kit Bear claw latches
94103.....Bear claw mounting kit

Bear claw latch kit with remote control



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