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  Installing Colibri Universal Power Windows in an Astro
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The following article shows the installation of a Colibri universal power window kit in a 1996 Chevy Astro. As with any universal kit, there are many different ways to accomplish the same task. The following represents one of those ways. Also, please be aware that every car or truck model is different and will require different installations.
Astro door trim removed

The first step in installing the Colibri power window kit is to read through the instructions! After this, the window crank and other trim is removed from the door. This installation was done by Vince at A1 Electric & Speedometer in Gardena, California.

Removing the door panel

The door panel is held on by press in clips around the edges of the door. Using an approprate tool the panel is pryed from the door and removed. Our favorite tool for this is a bent scraper with a small V cut into the blade.

adapter on shaft

The approrate shaft adapter must be found in the kit and pressed onto the crank handle shaft. Be sure to choose one that fits snugly over the splined shaft.

Adapter in gearhead

A large adapter is chosen and inserted into the gearhead. Use an adapter that will place the gearhead as close to the door as possible. Multiple lengths are given in the kit. The metal part of the gearhead must face out.

attaching adapters to gearhead

The adapter must be attached to the gearhead by inserting the wire ring into the groove on the adapter. The center adapter is then inserted into the large adapter and attached with a screw. The photo shows the center adapter already installed. Make sure that the small notch in the outer adapter matches up with the notch in the center adapter.

attaching Colibi to crank

The gearhead assembly is then placed over the adapter on the crank handle. Make sure that the notch in the center adapter and the small adpater line up before putting the screw in it.

attaching brackets

With the gearhead mounted on the shaft, move the motor end around and find a spot to mount it where it won't interfere with the door panel or other moving parts. In many vehicles it will be necessary to trim away some sheet metal to accomodate the motor. Attach 2 brackets to the motor housing in suitable positions.

mounting motors

Bend and cut brackets as necessary, then install a rubber grommet and spacer into the appropriate hole on the bracket. Using a 1/8 inch drill, drill pilot holes in the door and attach motor assembly to the door using sheet metal screws.

attaching gearhead

Attach brackets to the gearhead and mount it to the door. Bend and cut brackets to fit and attach to door using grommets, spacers and screws. It is possible to use just 1 bracket, but we prefer using 2 for extra strength. Remember, the better the installation, the better the unit will perform!

Colibri bent

As you can see here, the Colibri has a flexible drive unit. The drive mechanism can be bent to conform to almost any door. We were able to mount the Colibri in this door with only a small bend in the cable.

See part 2 for the remainder of our Colibri power window installation.

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