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Keyless Entry Kits for Cars & Trucks

  Keyless Entry systems add convenience and security.

Keyless entry systems add convenience and security to your vehicle.  Our remote controlled systems allow you to lock and unlock the doors on your car or truck with a simple push of a button on a keychain sized transmitter.  No more fumbling around in the dark trying to put the key in the door.  And since the keyless entry will lock all of your doors simultaneously, you'll never leave one of your doors unlocked again.


Alarm Systems
Our car alarms detect intrusion and help prevent theft.  All of our car alarms include keyless entry.  We even have security systems that come with power door lock kits.  More Info.

Remote Start Systems
Remote controlled starting for vehicles with Automatic transmissions.  These systems start your car and lock your doors by remote control.  Many even have built in security systems.  The ultimate in convenience.  More Info.

Keypad Style Keyless Entry
Want keyless entry, but don't want to carry a remote control? With an Essex keypad keyless entry mounted on your door, you can intentionally lock your keys in the car and not be locked out!  More Info..


Some of our Popular Keyless Entry Systems

MES Power Door Lock &
Avital 2101 Keyless Entry Kit

Complete setups come with:

  • Remote controlled keyless Entry
    • 2, 4 button remote controls
    • Auxiliary output for trunk release, etc.
    • light flash confirmation
    • LED indicator
  • MES power door locking system
    for the ultimate in convenience.
  • MES locks have:
    • Central locking which means that by locking
       or unlocking either front door by the key or 
      knob, the other doors will also lock or unlock.  
      No switches need to be mounted.
    • Low friction for lower key and knob effort 
      compared to competitive products.
    • High power actuators  
    • Swiss made for high reliability
  • 2 door kit pictured at right
    (shown without wiring & hardware)

W01F-712T   Complete 2 door kit (Rod linkage)
W02F-712T   Complete 4 door kit (Rod Linkage)
W01C-712T  Complete 2 door kit for cars with
                           cable actuated door locks
W02C-712T  Complete 4 door kit for cars with
                           cable actuated door locks


W01F-712T MES central locking system with Avital 2101 Keylees Entry

Complete Kit makes it easy to add power door locks
and keyless entry to your car or truck.

W01F-712T Shown

Avital 2101 Keyless Entry
  • The perfect kit for adding keyless entry to vehicles
    with factory installed door locks.
  • 2 Code Hopping Remote Controls
  • Over 100 Feet of Range
  • Power Door Lock Outputs  with
    onboard relays
  • Status LED
  • 2nd & 3rd Channel Outputs
  • Horn Honk Output
  • Starter Kill Output
  • Parking Light Output
  • Ignition Controlled Door Lock/Unlock
  • Dome Light Supervision Output
  • Integrates with most original equipment
    power door lock systems.

Avital AVI-2101 Keyless Entry system

Directed Electronics, Avital 2101

Directed Electronics is the leader
 in Automotive Security and Electronics


Essex Keypad Keyless Entry System


Ever wish you didn't have to carry around your keys or remote control?
Maybe you want to ditch the remote control altogether.
With an Essex keypad keyless entry, you can lock your car keys and remote control in your car.
Enter a combination on the keypad to unlock the doors and get in the car.
Now that's convenience.


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