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Power Windows for Classic Cars & Trucks

A1 Electric carries the full line of Electric Life custom fit power window systems for many classic cars, muscle cars and trucks dating back to 1936.  (We carry the late model kits too)

The custom kits are designed to bolt right in without the extensive cutting and modifications necessary to install most other kits.  Most kits even bolt into existing holes!  How's that for a clean and easy installation.

Custom fit kits are currently available for:

  • Ford Mustang & Cougar
  • Ford & Chevy Trucks back to 1936
  • Camaros & Chevelles & Impalas
  • 55-57 Chevy Bel Air, 150 & 210 Sedans
  • El Caminos
  • Buick, Pontiac & Oldsmobile
  • Dodge, Chrysler & Plymoth
  • Plus much, much more!
Our Online Catalog has current window kit applications for hundreds of cars and trucks along with photos and current pricing.

We also carry a wide variety of switch kits to complement your power window installation.

Bob's 55 Chevy & Cary's 67 Chevelle



The EL1000-K Flat Glass conversion kit is designed to be installed into Classics and Street Rods with flat door glass. This kit allows power windows to be installed in most vehicles from the 30's 40's 50's and a handful of 60's vehicles.  


All new for 2004!  The Electric Life EL1000-K power window kit is the result of over 25 years of experience in the power window business.

The EL1000-K comes with 2 cable drive regulator and motor assemblies, glass sashes and rollers, and assorted mounting hardware.  This kit uses 21st century technology to give your street rod the best power windows possible.  

If you're looking for the best kit for your vehicle, the EL1000-K is it!  This is the only flat glass kit on the market that is ISO 9002 certified.  ISO 9002 guarantees quality control throughout the engineering and manufacturing processes.  It also means this design has been tested over 20,000 cycles in an environmental chamber !

 Click here to see more advantages of the EL1000-K!

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The EL1000-K  can be matched with any of our switch kits for personalized styling.

Want to see how easy it is to install a flat glass kit in your car?  These articles 
show installations of the  El02-K & EL12-K.  The EL1000-K installation
will be similar, but with all of it's new features, the installation will be
quicker, easier and better than ever!

Power window installation in a 1955 Chevy 210 Sedan.

Power window installation in a 1959 Volvo.



The EL2000-K power window kit uses the same motor, transmission and lift mechanism as the
EL1000-K.  This kit differs in the way it mounts to the glass.  The EL2000-K has floating glass
clamps attached to the lift mechanism.  These clamps are tightened with 2 bolts making installation
faster and easier than with the EL1000-K.  The floating clamps allow for about 1/2 inch of total
horizontal movement.  Also note that these clamps will not provide support to the bottom of the
glass like the sash channels in the EL1000-K kit and therefore is not recommended for use in
vehicles with laminated glass.  We recommend you use tempered glass with this kit.  Actually,
tempered glass would be a good choice for any vehicle.  It's stronger, safer and lighter.

Buy an EL2000-K now!


Classic Car Application catalog listed by make & model


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