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Power Window Kit Questions

Q:  I want to order power windows and I see several different types. What are the differences between them?
A:  We sell 3 types of power window kits.

Q:  I want to order an Electric Life power window kit for my car.  What do I need to order?
A:  You will need to search the power window kit application guide in our online catalog for your vehicle make and model.  If your vehicle is listed, you will find the part number for the regulator and motor assembly.  After this, you will need to choose a switch kit to go with your power window kit.

Q:  Why are the switch kits sold separately from the window kits?  
A:  The switch kits are sold separately so that you can choose the switch style that looks best to you.  We carry a large assortment of switches so that you can choose one that will look good in your vehicle.  All of our switch kits are listed in the catalog, where they can be viewed individually, or you can view all of the available styles on our switches page.  The switches page also includes rough dimensions. 

Q:  Do I need anything else besides the window kit and switch kit to install power windows in my vehicle?
A:  All of the basic components are included in the 2 kits.  The window kit contains all of the mechanism and the switch kit contains switches and wiring.  You will need to have some electrical connectors, tape and tools to finish the job.

Q:  Will I be able to install this myself?  Or do you recommend professional installation?
A:  Many of our customers install these kits by themselves.  Only you can ultimately decide if this job is within your scope.  Take a look at some of the installation articles.  All of the articles are based on actual installations.  Even if your vehicle isn't one of the ones in the articles, they will still give you a good idea of what an actual installation will involve.  

Q:  Do your kits come with instructions?
A:  Yes,  all of our power window and accessory kits come with instructions.  And if you have any questions after viewing them, drop us an email or give us a call.  We would be happy to help.

Q:  I noticed that you have 4 Colibri kits.  Is one better than another?
A:  The main components in the kits are identical.  What sets them apart is the switch options.  The Master, Star and Plus have different 2 door switch kits included with them.  The Basik kit comes without switches.  It can be used with one of our other switch kits or 2 Basik kits can be combined with a 4 door switch kit for a 4 door application.

Q:  I have been thinking about installing a universal window kit.  What makes the Colibri better than some of the others I have seen?
A:  The Colibri kit is built to high standards.  It comes with the largest motor available on a universal kit.  It also uses a toothed belt drive compared to the bead chain design used by other manufacturers.  This belt drive helps the unit operate smoothly and quietly.

Q:  I want to install one of your Electric Life classic window kits and I want to use original switches instead of yours.  Are the original switches compatible?
A:  Not really.  GM switches (Ford also) made prior to about 1980 used a 3 wire setup.  The motor chassis was grounded and by supplying power to one wire or the other the motor would push the window up or down.  Newer switches, including the switches used in Electric Life kits, use a reverse polarity system (5 wire).  This system has a floating chassis ground and by supplying power to one wire and ground to the other the motor will operate in one direction.  Reversing the power and ground wires to the motor, reverses the motor operation.  It is possible (but not easy) to use your older original switches in conjunction with 2 relays per motor.

Q:  Can I use your switch kit on my classic car to replace the original switches that are no longer available?
A:  For the same reasons as in the above question, our switch kits cannot be used on most vehicles built prior to 1980.

Power Door Lock Questions

Q:  Do I have to order door lock switches?
A:  No.  The door lock kits we sell are central locking and do not require addition switches.  We sell switches for the those who desire them.

Q:  What is central locking?
A:  The central locking system that we sell turns your existing lock knobs and key into door lock switches.  Whenever you lock or unlock either of the front 2 doors, all of the remaining locks in the system will follow and lock or unlock.  This feature eliminates the need for installing additional switches.

Q:  Does the door lock kit come with keyless entry?
A:  No.  The keyless entry kits are sold separately from the door lock kits.  The 710T keyless entry system integrates perfectly with our door lock kits.

Q:  Will your door lock kit work with my alarm system? 
A:  Our door lock system is compatible with most aftermarket alarm systems.  If your alarm has pulsed negative door lock outputs it will work with our door lock kits.

Q:  Why is the MES door lock kit more expensive than some of the others I have seen?
A:  I believe that we have a great price on a great product.  Our door lock actuators are made in Switzerland.  They are very high quality units that were originally designed as an original equipment part in some European vehicles.  These are not cheap Taiwan pieces!

Power Door Lock Troubleshooting

Q: Can i bench test my central locking system?
A: No.  The actuators must be installed and adjusted in order to test the system.  If the actuators are loose on the bench, they will work erratically.

Q: Can i use my battery charger to test the system.
A: No.  A battery charger is designed to charge batteries.  Many electrical components will not work with a battery charger and others will be permantly damaged by a battery charger.  Technically, the output voltage is too high and the output is not pure DC.

Q:  I've installed my door lock system and connected all of the wiring.  The actuators don't move but I hear a buzzing noise from the control module.
A:  Check the ground connection.  Make sure you have your door lock system grounded to a clean spot on the body or chassis of the vehicle.  The bottom of the dashboard, painted surfaces or painted screws don't always provide a good ground.

Q:  I've installed and wired up my door locks.  Why do my door locks lock and unlock in rapid succession?
A:  The central locks usually bounce or ratchet when they are not properly centered.  One or both of the actuators in the front doors need to be centered more accurately with the linkage. 

In other words, assume the actuator has a travel of about 7/8 inch and the door lock linkage moves 1/2 inch (just a guess).   Moving the actuator 7/16 inch brings it to the center of it's travel and moving the linkage 1/4 inch brings it to it's center.  Both of these centerlines need to match for the system to work right.  If you lined up the actuator and linkage at their end points, the actuator would barely make it to the half way point at the same time that the latch linkage went through its full travel.  And the half way point is where the actuators trip a switch to actuate the central locking module.  A slight bounce in the linkage and the actuators go the other way again.

Replacement Power Window Motor & Regulator Questions

Q:  Are the parts you sell new, used or rebuilt?
A:  All of the parts we sell are brand new.  We do not sell used, rebuilt or reconditioned parts.

Q:  Are your parts made by the original equipment manufacturer?
A:  The GM motors we sell are original equipment in non GM boxes.  They are identical to the motors that came on the vehicle originally.  In addition to the motors, some of the GM regulator assemblies are also original equipment.  Most of the Ford power window motors are also original equipment.   Most of the other replacement parts in our catalog are not original equipment and are high quality copies of the original parts.

Q:  Do your replacement parts fit right in, or do they require modification for installation?
A:  The replacement parts we sell were designed to fit exactly like the original part they replace.  No modifications are necessary to install them. 

Q:  I see notes on most of the Ford motors asking me to match the motor with the photo.  Why is this?
A:  The listings for the Ford motors are very poor and in many cases inaccurate.  Ford does not support the sale of it's motors outside of it's dealerships.  However, the photo of each motor is accurate and can be matched to the motor in your door to ensure you get the proper part. 

Q:  I don't see a listing for the rear regulator and motor assemblies for my car.  Will the ones for the front doors fit in the rear?
A:  No they will not.  The front and rear almost always use different parts.  If they fit front and rear we will have them listed in our catalog.

Q:  I don't see my car listed.  Why don't you have my parts?
A:  We try to carry as many parts as possible.  Many of the parts just are not available to us.  The aftermarket manufacturers only build the parts that they feel they can sell a significant number of.


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