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See Window Lift Motors in our Online Catalog for a complete listing of applications.
We carry regulators and motors to fit hundreds of applications.  At
A1 Electric, all of our parts are brand new.  We don't carry
any inferior rebuilt or remanufactured parts.

Looking for Replacement Power Door Lock Actuators?

GM replacement window lift motors
3 of the most popular GM motors
We carry most of the popular General Motors power window lift motors.  We carry original equipment GM replacement motors in plain brown boxes.  No GM label on the box translates into prices that are up to 75% less than the dealership.  Watch out for the cheap Chinese knockoffs found elsewhere.  Original equipment motors with original equipment specifications ensure proper fit and operation. 

Give your classic cars original power windows some new power.  We carry replacement motors for GM vehicles dating back to 1960! 

Got a late model Pontiac or Olds or GM SUV with broken cables on the regulator.  We carry replacement units for these too.

Ford replacement window lift motors
2 popular Ford motors
We carry several of the popular Ford power window motors and regulators.  Our replacement window lift motors are built to original equipment specifications to ensure proper fit and operation.  Our replacement motors are brand new, not rebuilt!  

We also carry cable style regulators for several of the popular Lincoln's and Ford's.

Honda replacement window regulator with motor
Honda regulator with motor

We also carry popular power window regulators and  many regulator and motor assemblies for GM cars and trucks, Ford & Lincoln vehicles, Chryslers, Jeeps, Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans & Mazdas.  These assemblies are copies of the original and are available for a fraction of the price!

Pictorial Article on checking & replacing a 
power window motor

Pictorial Article on replacing a cable style 
power window regulator in a Maxima 

Pictorial Article on replacing a cable style 
power window regulator & motor in a Grand Am 

Window Lift Motors & Regulators for 
Original Equipment Power window Systems
  Listed by Vehicle Make

  • Acura replacement window motors & regulators
  • Buick replacement window motors
  • Cadillac replacement window motors
  • Chevrolet (Cars) replacement window motors & regulators
  • Chevrolet & GMC Light Truck replacement window motors & regulators
  • Chrysler (Cars) replacement window motors & regulators
  • Ford replacement window motors & regulators
  • Honda replacement window motors & regulators
  • Jeep replacement window motors & regulators
  • Lincoln-Mercury replacement window motors & regulators
  • Mazda replacement window motors & regulators
  • Nissan replacement window motors & regulators
  • Oldsmobile replacement window motors
  • Pontiac replacement window motors & regulators
  • Toyota replacement window motors & regulators
  • Electric Life replacement motors for Electric Life power window kits.


We also carry replacement motors for
Electric Life power window conversion kits


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