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Installing Power Door Locks in a Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler

This top of the line kit from A1 Electric includes power door lock actuators, mounting plates, linkage rods,
custom wiring harness with quick disconnects for the doors, and an Avital remote controlled keyless entry system.

Jeep Wrangler 4 Door Power Door Lock and Keyless Entry for 2007-2017 JK models Jeep Wrangler Power Door Lock
Keyless Entry Kit

Fits 2007-2017 Wrangler JK
4 door kit is shown

This kit comes with step by step instructions to allow backyard mechanics to do a professional installation.

Jeep carrier panel with large hole cut into it to fit the door lock actuator Don't do this to your Jeep!

This door lock installation was done with another "custom" Jeep door lock installation kit.

The installer hacked a huge hole in each carrier panel in order to "custom" mount the actuators.

Not only is there irreperable damage done to the doors and their integrity.  The actuators are still mounted at 30 degree angle to the lock linkage.  That translates into a short life and broken cables.

Follow the rest of this article and see how easy it is
to install a "real" custom kit that is designed
specifically for the Wrangler from A1 Electric.

Removing door panel on 2007-2017 JK models The install starts by removing the door panels.

Removing the carrier panel 2007-2017 JK models Next the inner carrier panel is removed.  Our customers tell us that removing the door panels and carrier panels is the toughest part of the job.
drill holes for mounting bracket and remove door latch screws Using supplied templates, the mounting holes are drilled into the door (black arrows).

The latch mounting screws are then removed allowing the latch to be more easily accessed.

Installing door lock rod in door latch of Jeep Wrangler The pre-formed linkage rod is attached to the latch and the latch is bolted back into the door.
Door lock actuator mounted in Jeep Wrangler The door lock actuator is bolted into the door.
Power door lock harness with quick disconnects for 2007-2017 JK models The keyless entry module goes under the left side of the dash and the wiring harness is run under the dash and into doors. A high quality quick disconnect is provided for each door.

For a basic install, connect constant power, ignition power and ground to keyless entry harness.  The basic system will lock and unlock the doors with the remote controls and has a auto lock feature that locks the doors when the Jeep is turned on and unlocks the doors when the key is turned off.

The keyless entry also has options like flashing lights, dome light delay and horn honk for panic mode.

See more information on our Jeep Wrangler power window kit & power door lock kits.
These complete kits are all designed specifically for the Wrangler.


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