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  Installing Power Windows in a Dodge Caravan, Part 2
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mounting Electric regulator With the regulator fitted into the door, the tracks are secured into their original postions using the bolts supplied with the kit.
The motor is then secured to the door using the nuts provided. The glass is then lowered into position and snapped into the clips on the Electric Life regulator mounting Caravan motor
CR36-K mounted in door This is a shot of the Electric-Life CR36-K mounted in the door. The unit couldn't fit better if it was made by Chrysler.
After the mechanism is mounted, our installer starts on the wiring. The panel and knee bolster are removed from under the dash and the kick panels are also removed from both sides of the van. removing panels under dash
routing wire loom The wires are run out of the door with the original wiring (towards top of door) and in through a hole in the bottom of the door jamb. The jamb is filled with foam, so a tunnel needs to be dug out in order to pass the wiring through it.
The main power wire needs to be connected to an ignition power source that is capable of handling high current. The wiring from the ignition switch is usually a good source. On the Caravan this wire is dark blue. Some switch kits may also require a light wire. Connect this wire to the parking lamp circuit or alternately to the ignition power source. connecting power wire
wiring connectors The wiring loom is then run across the vehicle and into the passenger door. The wires are then placed into their respective spots in the connector blocks. Our installer is very carfull to install the wires correctly in the blocks. A mistake here could prove fatatl for the kit.
We have chosen to mount the switches over the crank handle holes. The switches can also be mounted in other locations if prefered. We've also seen a few cut into the factory location at the top of the door. The door panels are carefully marked using the templates provided with the switch kit. marking door for switches
cutting switch hole The holes are cut into the door panel and the mounting holes are drilled.
The switch panels are attached to the door panels using the sheet metal screws provided in the switch kit. The panels on this van were left black, but could easily have been painted to match the door panels with some vinyl color paint. attaching switch panel
inserting switches After the trim panels are mounted to door panel, the switches are snapped into place. The 4990-10-421 switches go in with the wires pointing down.
Our installer checks to make sure that all the clips are in place on the door panel. These clips snap into the door to hold the panel in place. If any are missing or broken, they should be replaced with new clips obtained from the Chrysler dealership. It's a small price to pay to keep the panels from rattling. clips on door panel
installing door panel Before installing the door panel the plastic liner is reinstalled. The wires are plugged into the switches and linkages are reattached. The door panel is then snapped back on the door. The screws and trim pieces are then reinstalled.
The completed job looks and works great! The windows work fast and quiet. This Electric-Life kit will provide many years of service and satisfaction. Caravan with power windows

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