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Essex AKE-5 Keypad Keyless Entry Installation

A keypad keyless entry system is typically installed on the drivers door.  It operates from the vehicle�s battery and can unlock the vehicles doors.  Optionally the trunk can be opened and the interior lights turned on.   In addition, a keypad system can be installed on a vehicle that already has a remote controlled entry system and used in either mode: keypad or remote. That�s important since you may need to gain access to the vehicle without having your keys, or give access to your vehicle to a child, a friend or a service technician without turning over your keys.  Keypad keyless entry systems have been available for many years, as standard equipment, on many Ford and Nissan vehicles. 

This article overviews the procedure used to install the AKE-5 Keypad Keyless Entry System on a Chrysler Caravan.

As with any project, looks can be deceiving.  The vehicle used for this article appeared  to have plenty of room to install the keypad above the door handle but once inside, this idea rapidly vaporized.  The door bracing inside the panel made it necessary to install the keypad below the handle.

Location of the keypad and checking interior clearance is the first order of business.  Remove the door panel and vapor barrier and inspect the interior for clearance, side impact bags, sensors and window travel before drilling any holes.   If necessary, remove the drivers kick panel to source +12 volts, ground or in this case door lock relays.
Reading the instruction manual will give you a full understanding of the system. The manual provides a full schematic  showing system functions. 
Use a electronic wire tester (not a test light) to determine what wires and/or relays are needed to lock and unlock the doors. Sensitive electronics will be protected this way.
Before drilling holes, connect the system
and test all of the out puts.  Make sure there 
is adequate current on the +12 source and a 
good ground .  Some wires will test positive
but only have a few milliamps available.
Cover the area to be drilled with
masking tape to protect the paint.
Visually locate the keypad on the outside
of the door.  Find the location where the keypad will look good and be convenient for the user.
Use the Drill Guide to locate the mounting and clearance holes.  If cardboard guide is used, mark hole centers with center punch and drill 1/8 inch pilot hole.
In this installation a Uni-bit was used to drill the holes.  A  9/16� hole saw can also be used.  Stagger the holes while drilling to avoid excessive heat build up and possible blistering of the paint.
Check the clearance of the keypad buttons through the holes, it�s important that there be adequate clearance around each key.  Apply a generous amount of rust inhibitor to the holes to avoid any corrosion problems.
Mount the programming switch in an
inconspicuous place.  This can be under a
courtesy light panel, in the door jamb or under the dash.  Relays might be needed for the interior light package and the trunk and/or other auxiliary options.  Mount all relays with the mounting tabs high so no water can accumulate inside the can.
 After testing all of the outputs of the AKE-5, wrap and secure all of the wiring to the door making sure to stay clear of the window track and any safety devices.  Snug up the  keypad mounting screws, no need to  countersink, the screw heads will set just above the surface.
Replace the door panel and mount the
decorative overlay and the installation is complete.
Different vehicle brands and models require different wiring connections. Some vehicles and accessories will require relays and/or control modules for installation.  If the vehicle came without power door locks, take a look at our MES power door lock systems.  They interface perfectly with the keypad keyless entry system.

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