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  Installing Power Windows in a Toyota Tacoma, Part 2
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Manual & power window regulators Here we can see the manual regulator and the Electric-Life power window regulator, side by side. Electric-Life components are designed to fit and perform like factory parts.
Our installer connects the motor wires before installing the regulator in the door. Connecting wires to window motor
Inserting power window regulator into door Next, the power window regulator is inserted into the door. It's a good idea to check the orientation of the regulator before inserting it into the door.
The holes in the regulator mounting plate must be aligned with the holes in the door. Notice that there are 4 mounting bolts which hold the regulator to the door. The manual regulator only used 3. Mounting regulator to door
attaching regulator to window With the regulator secured to the door, the window is moved until the rail on the regulator matches the rail on the window. The 2 bolts are lined up and secured.
Care must be taken to ensure all mounting hardware is securely fastened. securing regulator to door
Electric-Life regulator mounted in door The Electric-Life regulator is now mounted in the door. If we didn't know better, we would swear that this was a factory Toyota part!
Our installer is removing the rubber boot that connects between the door and the cab. All of the wiring will be routed through this boot. removing wiring boot in doorjamb
running wires through doorjamb The wiring loom that comes with the switch kit is run from the cab into the door via the rubber boot. Running the wires through a rubber boot or a pair of grommets ensures us that the wiring will not chafe and short on the metal.
After the wires have been run, the boots are reinstalled and the wires are terminated. Care is taken not to place the wires in the path that the window or mechanism will move in. Preparing wiring for switches
Preparing wiring connector for switches Following the instructions provided, our installer places the switch wires in their proper connectors.
The ground wire is connected to a factory mounting bolt in the left kickpanel. Care must be taken to choose a good body ground point. Attaching ground wire
Attaching power wire The power wire is attached to a large gauge wire coming from the ignition switch. This wire should have power only with the key on.
With the wiring completed, the plastic liner is reinstalled onto the door and the speaker is remounted. Reinstalling plastic liner

This concludes the second phase of the installaton. The completion of the installation is shown in part 3

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