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SPAL 24 Volt Cooling Fans & Accessories


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Part # Product (Fan) Description OE Number Overall
Depth Voltage Airflow
  9 Inch Fans             
30100336   9" Low Profile Fan - Curved Blade - Pull VA07-BP12/C-58A 9.7" 2.0" 24V 690 4.0 Amps
  11 Inch Fans            
30100465   11" Low Profile Fan - Curved Blade - Pull VA09-BP12/C-54A 12.2" 2.0" 24V 897 4.5 Amps
  12 Inch Fans            
30101802   12" Medium Profile Fan - Straight Blade - Pull VA10-BP50/C-25A 13.2" 2.5" 24V 1162 5.4 Amps
30102546   12" High Performance Paddle Blade Fan - Open Shroud - Push VA01-BP70/LL-36S 13.0" 3.7" 24V 1711 7.4 Amps
30102616   12" High Performance Curved Blade Fan - Open Shroud - Push VA01-BP70/LL-79S 13.0" 3.7" 24V 1682 8.5 Amps
30102554   12" High Performance Paddle Blade Fan  - Pull VA34-BP70/LL-36A 13.0" 3.7" 24V 1522 8.2 Amps
  14 Inch Fans            
30102571   14" High Performance Fan - Straight Blade - Pull VA08-BP70/LL-23MA 15.0" 3.5" 24V 1682 8.3 Amps
  16 Inch Fans            
30102621   16" High Performance Fan - Straight Blade - Pull VA18-BP70/LL-86A 16.3" 3.5" 24V 2024 9.3 Amps
30102540   16" High Performance Fan - Straight Blade - Push VA18-BP70/LL-86S 16.3" 3.5" 24V 2089 8.7 Amps
30102553   16" High Performance Fan - Curved Blade - Pull VA33-BP71/LL-65A 16.3" 3.8" 24V 1941 10.9 Amps


The rated CFM is dependant upon test conditions and may not always be 100% accurate.  Think of the current draw rating like a
horsepower rating. The higher the current rating the more powerful the fan will be.  Regardless of the rated CFM.

Spal 24 Volt Cooling Fan Accessories

Part # Product  Description
FRH-24V-A1   24 Volt Fan relay and wiring harness (with optional temperature switch)  
185TS   185 Degree fan switch  
195TS   195 Degree fan switch  
30130074   Fan Shroud Gasket for 16 inch HP fans (VA18)  
30130010   Fan Mounting Bracket (set of 4)  
30130011   Fan Mounting Bracket and Strap (set of 4)  
30130013   Fan Mounting Pin (mounts to radiator core)  
30130017   Fan Mounting Bracket (set of 4)  
30130032   Fan Mounting Bracket (set of 4)  
30130033   Fan Mounting Bracket (set of 4)  



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